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As London starts to heat up and people on the tube get stickier and stickier, it’s time to think about summer holidays. Ok, it was probably a good idea to have been thinking about this some time ago but if you haven’t then now is better that never. Here are some ideas for trips types to consider.

1. Planning around an event.

While prices can skyrocket when a city is hosting a major event, it’s often still worth it to get to go to that event. What’s on your bucket list? For me it’s going to Wimbledon. For you it could be a German beer festival or the Edinburgh fringe. Events don’t need to be just the event a city is famous for. You might want to see a band who are touring but not to your own city. The ticket prices may even be cheaper overseas. Sometimes the cost of the fight can be almost made up for by the cheaper ticket price vs. seeing the band in the UK.

2. The countryside staycation.

Sometimes it’s nice just get out into the countryside. A change of scenery can be as good as any other type of holiday. If you don’t have a car because you take public transport, then a road trip can be a lot of fun. Go buy a cheap cool box and plan some picnics and walks. If you have a bike, consider borrowing a bike rack and taking your bike on the back of the car with you. Tip: buy a car charger for your home. Sometimes rental cars have USB ports but not always. The best staycations are when you abandon your diet for the weekend and stay somewhere really nice, rather than some grungy B&B.

3. The beach holiday.

Holidays to Greece and Sardinia (Italy) offer opportunity for beach action and near guaranteed warm weather within Europe. If you’re on a tighter budget, either in terms of days off or cash, then make sure you take at least a couple of Saturday trips down to Brighton. Seeing the ocean and some time out of the city will do your stress levels the world of good.

4. The random cheap flight.

You’ve just decided you desperately want to go somewhere this weekend, but where? I’ve got 5 words for you: Have carryon bag, will travel. If you can find a super inexpensive budget airline flight that doesn’t involve taking any precious annual leave days, then that’s a good opportunity to go anywhere. Decide your budget – let’s say under £100 return. Choose where you most want to go from any options you can find under that level. If you have friends who are good travellers or someone you’re wanting to get to know better, why not invite them along. You’ll be able to split the accommodation costs that way and you’ll probably have better meals since you won’t be dining alone.

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