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Published On November 30, 2013 | By Mark | London

One day you will make it big. One day you will get that promotion. One day you will not think twice about ordering a bottle of champagne, or jumping in a taxi to dash across town. One day.!

Until that day you will have to do your best to pay the bills, to save your money for the essentials and an odd treat, to try as hard as possible to live within your means – just like the rest of that live in this exciting but expensive city

Here are a couple of tips that might help your hard-earned pounds go a little further each day:

1. Show some Taste!

One of the discount scheme that many Londoners swear by is called Taste. You pay an upfront membership of GBP£80 and this gives you access to lots of deals at restaurants across London. Generally it is either a two-for-one deal or a fifty per cent discount off your total bill. It actually works out as being really good value – especially when you are out with a group of friends, the savings can be big. The other reason that the Taste card is popular is that it generally applies to restaurants that you go to on a regular basis – there’s also a helpful app, so if you meeting someone for something to eat, you can search for what Taste options there are nearby and you’re bound to find something that will appeal.

2. Pack your lunch!

It will sound obvious but you will save a heap of money by taking your lunch to work rather than succumbing the expensive sandwich shops of the city. Having said that, the lunch options that you can generally near where you are working may be expensive but are really tasty – rather than going cold turkey, why not give yourself a treat once a week, four days of packed lunches, one day of gourmet deliciousness.

The other obvious thing is coffee. Whatever coffee chain you are addicted to, it is expensive and really not that good (unless you are working in Clerkenwell). Take a coffee plunger into your office in order to get your daily caffeine fix.

3. Live by yourself

There are some advantages to being single. If you are renting then you will be required to pay Council Tax. The details vary depending on which local government area you are in, but generally there is a significant deduction available if you are living by yourself. Often the details are hidden in the fine print of your bill.

4. Don’t miss your train

Don’t ruin a good night out by missing the last tube home. Cabs can get expensive – especially late at night (when a higher rate applies). However good the party is, everyone will be thinking the same thing – “what time do I need to leave in order to make sure I don’t miss the last tube?” If you are out with your friends you know you’re in for a big night if there has been an early consensus along the lines of: “Are we getting the tube home?” No! We are going large tonight!”!

Shoestring traveler has some additional tips on saving money in London.

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