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Published On June 17, 2014 | By Mark | Extras

Of course regular working people can’t afford to indulge their every whim. However you potentially can afford to add some luxury touches to your travel.

One of the trends I’ve been noticing is people hiring photographers for their honeymoons. To some people this might seem intrusive but I think it’s a fantastic idea. You hire a photographer for your wedding but surely good photos from your honeymoon are just as important. Now, you might not be able to hire someone to traipse around after you full time but you could definitely hire someone for a shoot. This is especially true in cheaper countries or where there are photography bloggers living in an area (you might find they understand your taste better than someone from a different culture).

Hire a chef. Sure, you can do a cooking class with a bunch of strangers, but wouldn’t it be cool to hire a personal chef. This is definitely something that is on my bucket list. If you find a restaurant that you really like, there is no harm in asking if they know anyone who’d like to be your personal chef for a week. The key to this type of thing is not being afraid to ask around. People might not understand what you mean at first but try to explain exactly what you want and the budget you have in mind. If you plan to stay somewhere awhile then hiring a personal chef may even save you money compared with eating at restaurants or getting charged foreigner prices at the markets (plus transportation costs to and from).

The personal swimming pool. Always dreamed of having your own pool but where you live is too cold? Try renting a place that has a private pool. If you’re wanting luxury then make sure it’s heated! You might choose a resort that has a private infinity pool, but not necessarily. You could just do a short term house rental but somewhere with a pool and/or spa.

A really good way to think about how you could add some high end features to a trip is to look at websites featuring high end resorts with special features e.g. travelling to the resort by yacht. While that may seem aspirational, a short yacht charter or transfer by yacht isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility. It’s all about deciding on your priorities.

The personal assistant/driver (or personal butler if you don’t care about the transportation aspect). This is up there with the personal chef as the ultimate in luxury. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone go out and fetch your food order for you rather than schlepping out for lunch in the midday heat. In cheaper countries you can easily hire someone to be your personal driver, and if they have good enough English, then you can also have them go pickup your takeout or go buy tickets for you. A personal butler won’t provide the transport themselves but should be able to organize it for you rather than you having to do it.

What are the high end perks you’ve already dreamed of experiencing?

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