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When you picture the paradise islands of The Seychelles, you’ll probably see pristine white beaches, and scenes that are all a bit Robinson Crusoe. Well, yes, you’d be right, but The Seychelles are about more than lying on a beach and topping up the tan. Have you tried a Seychelles holiday? Is it on your bucket list?

Before you roll your eyes, if you are only planning on relaxing and working on your tan, then there is certainly nothing wrong with that, with mile upon mile of coastline to enjoy, however it would be a crime not to enjoy everything else this part of the world offers.

If tanning is a priority, then bear in mind that many of the other activities I’m going to suggest will help you catch a golden shimmer as you go along, whilst getting a little active at the same time.

The Seychelles is as famous for its underwater residents as it is the scenery on land, so it’s no surprise that diving and snorkelling are the number one activities to enjoy during your visit. Whether you’re a beginner or more of a pro, there are sites to suit, and you could even learn to dive at one of the larger hotel complexes. Coral dives and granite rock formations sit alongside wreck dive sites, such as the famous Twin Barges and Dredger Wreck.

Colourful marine life is certainly something to behold, but checking out the water from a different viewpoint, i.e. on top of it, is probably the number two activity. Chartering a catamaran, obviously with an experienced sailor in tow, is the best way to check out the stunning coastline, and if you fancy something a little more glittering, then hire a catamaran with more luxury facilities, maybe even a chef, catering your every own moonlight cruise.

It’s not all beaches, and it’s not all water-related activities either.

The Seychelles are full of walking and hiking tours, and you could even volunteer in a conservation effort, helping to preserve the landscape for future generations. There are many reputable companies to be found, who will help you set up your volunteering adventure, making sure your efforts are focused in the right direction.

If the walking side of it sounded good to you, then you will find plentiful natural reserves and rainforests to explore on foot. Praslin Island has some lush rainforest to check out, and there are several walking tours available, with the help of an experienced guide to point out the important sights along the way. Alternatively, Morne Sechellois National Park has plentiful hiking trails, including Trois Freres Peak. Here you will see stunning views over the whole island, and it’s certainly one for the camera.

Victoria has the rather dubious title of the world’s smallest capital city, but that in itself is an advantage, because it’s easy to get around on foot and explore the nooks and crannies of this quaint and picturesque city. The kind of city life you’re used to seeing in larger countries certainly isn’t what you’ll come into contact with here, so you’ll learn more about the culture of the region simply with a day trip.

If all this sounds like your cup of tea, then take it a step further and head into the countryside with a horseback trek, or alternatively enjoy a round of golf, before having your aches and strains massaged away at one of the award-winning spas on offer.

Put simply, The Seychelles offer more than meets the eye.

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