How to have a cheap night out in London

Published On April 3, 2015 | By Mark | London

We all know the feeling – you have just arrived in a city that has always been one of your
dream destinations, you want to get out there to explore and experience everything that is
going on, but you are reaching the end of your budget and you are worried that all you will
be able to afford is a packet of crisps watching tele at the backpackers hostel.
Never fear – despite its somewhat intimidating reputation, you can have a budget friendly
night out in London. Hereʼs how:

1. Time Out

Time Out has always been the bible to what is going on right now in London. Moving with
the times, they have now shifted a lot of their information online to their website, plus the
hard copy magazine is now given away for free.
The great thing about Time Out is that they proudly list a whole section of all the things you
can do in London for free – thereʼs always lots of free events and exhibitions available
during the day, but also plenty of night time options as well. Looking at this weekʼs listings
you could go classical with the London Symphony Orchestra who are playing a free
evening concert in Trafalgar Square, a free comedy night in Islington, or a night of live jazz
at a pub in Stamford Hill.

2. Theatre

Londonʼs theatre scene continues to set the standard – as you walk through Londonʼs
West End theatre district, it will seem like every theatre you pass has a major celebrity
actor treading the boards in everything from musicals to serious high brow works. These
are amazing theatre experiences but they come with a hefty price tag attached.
However, if you are a bit clever there are a number of cheap ticket offers available – even
for the big name shows. The National Theatre on Londonʼs Southbank regularly offers
batches of tickets for GBP£10-£15; and the Royal Court and Lyric Hammersmith theatres
regularly offers cheap tickets on Monday nights for GBP£10.
In addition, thereʼs a lot of smaller, less mainstream theaters in London where you can see
really exciting work for a fraction of the cost of the big West End productions. If you want
culture – London is the place for you.

3. Comedy

Everybody loves to laugh, right? Itʼs not something that you hear a lot about, but Londonʼs
comedy scene is surprisingly vibrant. Thereʼs a huge range of comedy clubs across the
city offering everything from open mic nights through to experienced and big name
comedy stars. If youʼre not too bothered about what you see, when youʼre wandering
through Leicester Square there will be spruikers handing out flyers for free comedy nights
at nearby clubs, otherwise you can check the local listings to find a comedy club near you
that looks appealing.

Writer Samuel Johnson once wrote: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”
While those words were written a long time ago they still very much apply today. Get
ready to experience London!

photo credit: Thomas Leuthard via photopin cc

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